Pinchas Steinberg: Music itself should not be missed either

2017. október 21.

True to the traditions, the Liszt Academy pays tribute to her founder with a concert featuring the Liszt Academy Symphony Orchestra on 22 October. The orchestra will be conducted by Pinchas...

A multi-talented contemporary

2017. október 19.

Composer and performer. At one time this combination was unremarkable, even natural, whereas today Jörg Widmann is one of only few who represent this – sadly relatively rare – hybrid musician:...

Salvatore Accardo: Just because every note is at its right place, it can’t yet be called music

2017. október 16.

Most recently, this month, the world-renowned violinist Salvatore Accardo came to Hungary as the leader of the Quartetto Accardo, while at the end of summer, he visited Budapest as the head of jury...

Liszt’s birthday celebrated at the Old Academy of Music

2017. október 12.

On 21 October, 2017, the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum pays tribute with three piano recitals to the Liszt Academy’s eponymous founder born 206 years ago.

Obituary- János Devich, Advisor to the President of the Liszt Academy

2017. október 10.

The funeral service of Professor Emeritus János Devich, violoncellist and instructor of the Chamber Music Department will be held on 20 October, at 2pm at Óbuda Cemetery.

The portuguese and the Brazilian

2017. október 09.

After several decades of individual global conquest, life finally brought Maria João and Egberto Gismonti together on the summer of 2016. They gave their debut joint concert in Italy, and this...

Liszt Academy welcomes Paganini’s most authentic interpreter and his string quartet

2017. október 05.

Salvatore Accardo is considered the most popular violinist of his generation, his playing technique often being compared to that of his legendary predecessor, Paganini. This time, the head of jury...

The image spot of the Bartók World Competition and Festival won Silver Dolphin at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards Festival

2017. október 02.

The image spot promoting the Bartók World Competition and Festival - held between 9 and 17 September – can now boast four international awards. This time the creators of the image spot commissioned...

Interview with Ágnes Langer, 3rd prize winner of the Bartók World Competition

2017. szeptember 30.

Although Ágnes Langer has just recently conquered Hungarian music, she took its stages by storm. She has been studying in Germany since 2005 but turned out to be the most successful Hungarian...

From genre to genre, from age to age

2017. szeptember 25.

Violinist, countertenor, conductor. Dmitry Sinkovsky is one of the most exciting musicians of our day. Although most at home in the Baroque, he actually plays the entire Classical-Romantic...

Interview with Cosima Soulez-Larivière, 1st prize winner at the Bartók World Competition

2017. szeptember 21.

Joie de vivre, professional accuracy and a wide range of interests – these are the traits of the portrait of Cosima Soulez-Larivière, the winner of the Bartók Competition and Festival. Here is an...

Winner of the Bartók World Competition announced

2017. szeptember 17.

The 20-year old Cosima Soulez-Larivière won 1st prize at the Bartók World Competition in the category violin in the Grand Final held in the evening of 16 September.

Bartók’s violin compositions from various perspectives

2017. szeptember 16.

Synopsis of the two-day Symposium ’Bartók and the Violin’ held within the framework of the Bartók World Competition & Festival at the Institute for Musicology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Three Grand finalists at the Bartók World Competition & Festival

2017. szeptember 15.

In the Grand Final of the Bartók World Competition on Saturday, Ágnes Langer, Cosima Soulez-Larivière and Takagi Ririko will be taking to the stage with the violin concertos written by Bartók,...

Seven finalists at the Bartók World Competition

2017. szeptember 13.

The Semi-final round of the Bartók World Competition & Festival was held in two sessions on 12 September. Although the scores were very close, seven young violinists were shortlisted for the...

Two Hungarian competitors shortlisted for the Semi-final of the Bartók World Competition

2017. szeptember 12.

The Preliminary round of the Bartók World Competition and Festival took place in four sessions on 10 and 11 September. From the Hungarian contestants, Ágnes Langer and Gábor Homoki got shortlisted...

The Bartók World Competition and Festival kicked off with unique programmes

2017. szeptember 10.

On 9 September 2017, 44 contestants arrived in Budapest for the Bartók World Competition and Festival. In accordance with the official drawing lots, the Preliminary round started with Competitor...

Liszt Academy hosts unparalleled World Competition evoking Béla Bartók’s spirit and legacy

2017. szeptember 08.

„As the Alma Mater of Béla Bartók, it is the mission of the Liszt Academy to care for his oeuvre of great international significance.” –pointed out the founder and initiator of the Competition, the...

Beginning of the 142nd Academic Year of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music

2017. szeptember 07.

„We can serve a cause in many ways as long as we strive for perfection in it.”- was the first sentence of the 2017-2018 Academic Year opening speech held by the President of the Liszt Ferenc...

Twin stars

2017. szeptember 02.

Article of the Concert Magazine 2017/2 of the Liszt Academy.