Bartók with freedom

2018. július 05.

„Bartók is not to be an icon but a living entity for us” – the Bartók World Competition and Festival to be continued with the composers’ competition.

“Mozart’s music has a delicate texture – there is no greater challenge than that” Harmony between composer and performer: W. A. Mozart and Kristóf Baráti

2018. június 22.

The intimate connection between composer and performer is shaping silently and invisible over the years and decades. Hard work and keen attention must be paid if a performer would like to show...

“Vissi d’arte, vissi d’amore”

2018. június 21.

Éva Marton, the legendary Hungarian opera singer celebrates her 75th birthday. The Liszt Academy greets the dramatic soprano and professor emeritus with an oeuvre exhibition and a podium...

Prof. Dr. Mihály Ittzés passed away

2018. június 13.

The great music pedagogy and theory professor, vice-president of the International Kodály Society, co-worker of the Kodály Institute was 80 years old. Orbitual words from dr. László Norbert Nemes...

Fantasy, melody, harmony – debuting performances as well as world-class musicians featured in the new season ticket series of Liszt Academy

2018. május 25.

In the concert season 2018/19 of the Liszt Academy, besides globally acclaimed international celebrities and extraordinarily talented Hungarian artistis, also the 111-year-old concert organ of the...

Éva Marton International Opera Studio

2018. április 27.

An intensive masterclass held by the world-famous soprano with a focus on Puccini’s Turandot between 8-26 October 2018.

The Bartók World Competition of Composition 2018 is now open for submissions

2018. április 23.

In 2018 the Bartók World Competition & Festival goes on with the competition of composers at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music.

Music for String Instruments, Percussion and Vocals

2018. április 12.

Ágnes Herczku & Friends in the Liszt Academy

Celestial tones of heavenly music full of pride

2018. április 05.

“My favourite piece is generally the one I am currently playing.” We asked pianists István Gulyás, Yohei Wakioka and Jenő Jandó to talk about their experiences of Liszt’s music. In the interview,...

Paradise is just a few steps away

2018. március 23.

The path of a talented artist is often shaped by fortune and momentous encounters, but it also depends on an education system that must recognize and develop especially gifted students. We...

Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum and the Liszt Academy Among Best Sights of Budapest

2018. március 22.

The Liszt Academy and the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum and Research Centre have been awarded the Expert’s Choice Prize. The prestigious international commendation is bestowed on less than two 2% of...

Hungary-related handwritten musical notes found their home in the Liszt Museum

2018. március 12.

Liszt manuscripts believed to be lost have emerged from a private collection. Their historical significance and their impact on Hungarian music-culture is invaluable. The manuscripts purchased by...

‘I expect two things from a composer: he should come up with something fresh then amaze me.’

2018. március 09.

The above statement is Mr. Zoltán Jeney’s favourite quotation from the composer Stockhausen. We’ve interviewed the professor emeritus of the Liszt Academy on the occasion of his turning 75 years old.

The prizes of the János Arany competition for composers have been awarded at the Liszt Academy

2018. március 05.

The event whose set up was supported by the Memorial Committee of the János Arany Anniversary hosted Mr. János Áder President of Hungary, and a speech was made by Péter Hoppál Minister of State for...

Let’s connect with music! - Interview with the world-renowned conductor Pinchas Steinberg

2018. február 28.

Pinchas Steinberg has overseen the development of several generations of musicians in a rapidly moving modern world that responds to quick impacts and strong stimuli. The following advice of his...

“One must be able to give an account of each second and each note” – Interview with the composer Máté Bella

2018. február 22.

How can a young composer make a breakthrough in the contemporary international music scene? Where do applied composition and classical quality coincide? These questions were raised in an interview...

Opening hours and guided tours of the Liszt Academy during Spring season

2018. február 21.