Please allow me that, apart from my regrettable ignorance of the Hungarian language, I remain Magyar in my heart and soul from birth to the grave. As a consequence, I earnestly wish to further the progress of Hungarian music.

Liszt to Antal Augusz

17 November 2018, 11.00-13.00

Old Academy of Music, Chamber Hall

Liszt Museum - Matinée Concert

Szilvia Elek

J. S. Bach: Suite in E-flat major, BWV 819
Bartók: Mikrokosmos, book 5 – Perpetum mobile; Change of Time; Jack-in-the-Box; Major Seconds Broken and Together; Chords Together and in Opposition
Szilvia Elek: Metope's Garden – three movements for harpsichord 
Lajos Huszár: Harpsichord Sonata – second variation
Couperin: Pièces de clavecin (works for harpsichord), book 1 – 5. Ordre (excerpts)
Françaix: Two Pieces for Harpsichord 

Szilvia Elek (harpsichord)


HUF 2000, reduced: HUF 1000, it is possible to buy tickets at the ticket office of the Liszt Academy of Music or at Liszt Museum