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Liszt to Antal Augusz
Liszt & Kodály

12 December 2018, 18.00-21.00

Old Academy of Music, Chamber Hall

Encounters with Ferenc Liszt

Liszt & Kodály

Concert of New Liszt Ferenc Chamber Choir

Victoria: Ave Maria
Liszt: Ave Maria
Verdi: Ave Maria
Liszt: Elegie No. 2 for Cello and Piano
Pater noster
Pater noster
Verdi: Pater noster
Kodály: Sonatina for Cello and Piano, Op. 4
: Miserere
Liszt: Harmonies poétiques et religieuses (Poetic and Religious Harmonies) – 8. Miserere, d'après Palestrina
Rudi Tas: Miserere for Cello and Mixed Choir
Liszt: O heilige Nacht!
Kodály: Advent Song

New Liszt Ferenc Chamber Choir
Conductor: László Norbert Nemes
Featuring: Ditta Rohmann (cello), Emese Mali (pump organ)

Presented by

Liszt Ferenc Society, Liszt Academy Concert Centre


HUF 1 800, reduced: HUF 900, it is possible to buy tickets at the ticket office of the Liszt Academy of Music or at Liszt Museum