2017.10.13 19.30


Kam-Porat Trio

Chamber Music – Tuned for Grand Hall

Kam-Porat Trio

Trio in E-flat major, K. 498 (‘Kegelstatt’)
Fairy Tales, Op. 132
Songs for Viola, Op. 91
Moments musicaux, Op. 94
Contrasts, BB 116
Sharon Kam (clarinet); Ori Kam (viola); Matan Porat (piano)

The common path of three superb Israeli musicians all the way from the classics of chamber music to today: the joint appearance of the Kam siblings, clarinet playing Sharon and her brother, the viola player Ori, plus the pianist Matan Porat also presenting himself here in his guise as composer, promises just this sort of experience. Naturally, the two essential masterpieces of this unusual instrumental line-up are not missing from this programme: Mozart’s Kegelstatt trio (1786), which will retain its moniker forever despite the fact that actually we have no reason whatsoever to suppose that it was written while playing skittles, and the four pieces of Fairy Tales composed just a few months before Robert Schumann suffered a nervous breakdown, in October 1853. The two Songs for Viola by Johannes Brahms are performed at this recital without input from a mezzo-soprano; this part is taken over by the clarinet, and then this instrument also takes on the main role in Bartók’s Contrasts written at the request of Benny Goodman in 1938.

Rendező: Liszt Academy Concert Centre

Jegyár: HUF 2 900, 4 100, 5 200, 6 500