Lisztérium: a Zeneakadémia multimédiás központja

Ovid Retuned - Closing Concert

Photos of the Erasmus Intensive Programme taken by Andrea Felvégi

Students and teachers of seven European art universities (Brussels, Rome, Florence, Târgu Mureș, Krakow, Zagreb, and of course Budapest) joined for a two-week Erasmus intensive programme at the Liszt Academy of Music to work on the stories of Ovid. Previously selected ten stories from Ovid's Metamorphosis inspired ten international composition students, their pieces are going to be staged by international directors and drama students. During the workshop ten truly international groups of composition, instrumental and conductor students will learn the newly composed works, while the actors and the directors create the dramatic parts. At the closing gala on 4 July at 7 pm all ten dramatised pieces are performed in three acts. Orpheus, Pygmalion, Daphne, Callisto and others will come on stage to show how today's generation of art students see and interpret Ovid's eternal stories.

See the full program and the performers' list at the project's microsite by clicking here.

The Ovid's Metamorphoses – birth of Europe in new musical compositions Erasmus Intensive Programme was financed by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union.