Géza Anda Festival - Live Webcast

29. November 2013

Follow all events of the Géza Anda Festival from your home!

Troubadour of the wire cabinet

26. November 2013

Portrait of Géza Anda by musicologist Sándor Kovács

The Liszt Academy Hosted the First Summit of Singularity University

20. November 2013

The Silicon Valley’s Singularity University held its first Summit in Budapest at the Liszt Academy on November 15-16, 2013.

Herbert Wulf Passes Away

20. November 2013

Former Liszt Academy professor of the Church Music Department passed away at the age of 80 on November 4, 2013.

Liszt Academy in The New York Times

19. November 2013

It is no overstatement that the news of Liszt Academy’s reopening has gained worldwide coverage.

Denise Bacon obituary

18. November 2013

Founder and director of the Kodály Musical Training Institute and the Kodály Center of America died peacefully on November 11, 2013 at the Briarwood Health Care facility in Needham, Massachusetts.

November Master Courses at the Liszt Academy

13. November 2013

Marc Damoulakis, Miklós Perényi, Lajos Rovátkay, Ernő Sebestyén, Simon Standage, Gábor Takács-Nagy, Wolfgang Rathert and Péter Eötvös are all holding master courses in the upcoming weeks at the...


08. November 2013

There can be no better way of revealing the symbiosis of teaching and concert performance than the concert series ”On the Spot”, which introduces the departments of the Liszt Academy. Ahead of the...

New President of the Liszt Academy: Dr. Andrea Vigh

07. November 2013

Dr. Andrea Vigh, harpist, university professor and former vice president of the Liszt Academy, became president of the Liszt Academy of Music on November 1, 2013.

Return of the Genius

06. November 2013

After a seven-year break the charismatic Russian returns to the Liszt Academy in order to play one of the most charming piano concertos by Mozart. Text by Gergely Fazekas

Absolute Freedom

04. November 2013

This is the first time that Brad Mehldau is going solo in Hungary, in the Grand Hall of the Liszt Academy. Interview by Tamás Vajna

Eszter Király’s International Success

02. November 2013

3rd year student of the Liszt Academy wins 2nd prize at the 11th International Clarinet Competition in Carlino.

János Pallagi dies at 91

31. October 2013

Liszt award-winning professor of the Liszt Academy dies at the age of 91 on October 18, 2013.

Jazz and Folk Music Department in Weimar

29. October 2013

Liszt Academy teachers and six students took part in the workshop-week of the jazz department of the Franz Liszt Hochschule für Musik in Weimar.

Grand Opening Gala - Press Coverage

28. October 2013

More than a dozen of articles have appeared in the international press about the Liszt Academy.

Two New Competition Wins

26. October 2013

Mihály Demeniv won first prize at the International Lanciano Accordion Competition and Márton Takáts won second prize at the piano competition organized in Lodz.

Ivett Gyöngyösi’s Latest Chopin Competition Victory

25. October 2013

Second year student of the Liszt Academy, Gyöngyösi Ivett won the 10th Darmstadt International Chopin Piano Competition held between October 11 – 21, 2013.

Scholarship programme organized by the Liszt Academy Artist Management Office

25. October 2013

The newly set up career office of the Liszt Academy is announcing scholarship programme for the management of 5 students in soloist and string quartet categories.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's Speech at the Inauguration of the renovated Liszt Academy of Music

25. October 2013

Held on 22 October 2013

Newly Appointed in Fall 2013

15. October 2013

Dr. Andrea Vigh has been appointed Rector of the Liszt Academy of Music and Dr. Kálmán Dráfi and Dr. Miklós Mohay as Professors of the academy.