2017.11.10 19.00

Solti Hall

Cobza Renaissance

Acoustic, Authentic

Cobza Renaissance

Rebirth of an instrument in Hungary

László Szlama, Mátyás Bolya, Boróka Raffay (cobza); Mihály Dresch (fuhun); Róbert Kerényi (flute); Attila Mihó, Tilla Török (violin) Bordó Sárkány Early Music Order; Anno Musica; PásztorHóra orchestra; Kobzart; SzlamaBand Dancers of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble

As a member of an ancient instrument family, the cobza carries one on a musical journey both in space and time, thus this concert features not only traditional works but extraordinarily creative arrangements. With the assistance of his friends, Junior Prima Prize winner László Szlama evokes the finest melodies of folk and historical music, presenting through productions hallmarked by him this old-new instrument that is winning followers in ‘contemporary’ music circles. Szlama takes to the stage with ensembles such as Bordó Sárkány Early Music Order renowned for their energy-packed concerts, Anno Musica who approach early music from the direction of authentic folk music, PásztorHóra blending ancient Csángó traditions with the youthful dynamism of the Budapest dance house scene, Kobzart with their unconventional line-up, and SzlamaBand. However, the following artists are also on hand to play with László Szlama: Attila Mihó, Tilla Török and Flóra Török, Róbert Kerényi, Mihály Dresch and Mátyás Bolya, not to mention dancers of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble.

Organizer: Liszt Academy Concert Centre

Tickets: HUF 1 900