2018.05.04 19.30

Grand Hall

Folk Dance House Day

Acoustic, authentic

Folk Dance House Day

Jointly organized by the Hungarian Heritage House and Concert Centre and hosted partly by the Liszt Academy, national Dance House Day is traditionally held on the anniversary of the first ‘urban’ dance house in Hungary. This is also when the Halmos Béla Trophy and Halmos Béla Memorial Medal are ceremonially awarded: the former was established by the Hungarian Heritage House, the latter by the Association of Friends of the Hungarian Heritage House. The Trophy, which is actually the violin once owned by Béla Halmos, is presented to an under-40-year-old musician actively playing traditional folk instrumental music in dance houses, who in the course of his/her work maintains contact with Hungarian communities living beyond the country’s border. The Memorial Medal recognizes outstanding professional and community ‘background work’ within the framework of the Dance House Movement. This concert is a part of an event series, which continues the following day on Liszt Ferenc Square, in front of Írók Boltja bookshop where the first dance house was held.

Editor of the programme: Péter Árendás, senior lecturer of the Liszt Academy's Folk Music Department

Performers: students of the Folk Music Department

Organizer: Liszt Academy Concert Centre, Hungarian Heritage House

Tickets: HUF 1 600