2017.12.29 19.30

Grand Hall

Esszencia: We Started on a Great Journey

Esszencia: We Started on a Great Journey

One-of-a-kind year-end folk music concert

Róbert Lakatos (classical viola, violin); Kálmán Balogh (cimbalom); Hanga Borbála Kacsó (vocals); Tamás Kunos (folk viola); Gergő Kováts (saxophone, clarinet, flute); András Bognár (double bass) Guests: János Csík (vocals, violin), Ádám Takács (violin), BDZ Quartet (quartet of the Dohnányi Orchestra Budafok) Host: Áron Őze (actor)

Esszencia are a very special formation in Hungarian music life. Members are noted performance and music artists respected in their own right in the worlds of folk music, jazz and classical music. Esszencia should not be compared to other orchestras playing traditional folk music because they aim to blend classical and jazz genres with our totally unique folk music treasury. The ensemble initiate audiences into their combination of three different musical styles through relaxed listening. At their concerts, excerpts are played of, for instance, works by Bach or Bartók, complementing authentic folk music of different peoples in the Carpathian Basin, and to all this the folk music-based jazz adds seasoning. Esszencia concerts always have a special ‘feel’. Their music makes one think, its relaxes and liberates.

Organizer: Esszencia, Liszt Academy Concert Centre

Tickets: HUF 1 400, 2 100, 3 500, 4 900