2017.10.24 19.00

Solti Hall

Concert by keyboard students of the Doctoral School/1.


Préludes, Book II – 5. Bruyères; 6. Général Lavine – eccentric; 11. Les tierces alternées
En blanc et noir
6 Kleine Klavierstücke, Op. 19
4 Pieces for Violin and Piano, Op. 7
Three Short Pieces, Op. 11
Fantasiestück, Op. 87
Piano trio in A minor
Panni Hotzi, Zsuzsanna Tihanyi, Balázs Demény, András Németh, Elma Dóra Vörös, Javier López Jorge (piano); Oszkár Varga (violin); János Fejérvári, Morgane de Lafforest (cello); Tímea Papp (harp)

This themed concert by keyboard students of the doctoral school turns the spotlight on the decade of 1910–1920, the period spanning the First World War. Selected preludes by Debussy are followed by works for two pianos: Lindaraja served as a kind of study for the movements of En blanc et noir. Although Debussy insisted that the latter work had nothing to do with the war, being instead inspired solely by piano tonalities, it is clear from his letters how engaged he was with the day-to-day hostilities. Similarly concerned with the war’s events was Ravel, who on completion of his Trio in A minor immediately signed up for the French army, in which he was to serve as a truck driver. For all the works in this evening showcasing both French and Austrian composers, there as many different stories of lives and inspirations. The concert sheds an intriguing light on the history of music in this remarkable decade.

Organizer: Liszt Academy Concert Centre

Tickets: Free tickets to the concert can be obtained at the ticket office of the Liszt Academy one month before the concert.