2018.03.01 19.30

Grand Hall

Arany Songs

Arany Songs

Award Ceremony and Gala Concert of the János Arany Composers Competition – Selection of songs by Kodály and Ligeti composed to poems by János Arany

János Arany:
Thirsty Wood of the Violin
János Arany:
Let's Take a Wee Bit of Booze
Bence Pataki (vocals), Emese Virág (piano)
Pál Kadosa:
Tranquil Songs
Béla Reinitz:
Bor the Valiant
Mihály Mosonyi:
I Lay Down the Lyre
Árpád Szendy:
The Forsaken Abode
Béla Reinitz:
King Mathias' Mother
Zoltán Kodály:
Kata Kádár
Zoltán Kodály:
Lóránt Najbauer, Tibor Szappanos, Szilvia Rálik, Katalin Halmai, Judit Anna Kiss (vocals), Péter Kiss (piano)
Viktor Molnár:
Red Rebecca
Ildikó Szakács (vocals), Péter Kiss (piano)
Barna Szabó:
Tímea Dragony:
László Sáry:
Old Gent with Tambura
Szilvia Rálik, Katalin Halmai, László Kéringer (vocals)
Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra (artistic director: Péter Tfirst)
Conductor: Gergely Madaras
Host: Ádám Bősze

“The linkage of the oeuvres of Zoltán Kodály and János Arany verges on a cliché in specialist literature, [...] just as the statement that the composer was born in the year of the death of the poet, in 1882. The first reference was made by Kodály himself to the relationship of the artistic-human temperament, when he stated in a letter to his future wife Emma Gruber, in 1907, during his study tour in Berlin: ‘[…] János Arany (my doppelgänger and forward projected shadow, or I am his shadow – it’s all the same)’” wrote Mihály Ittzés, director of the Kodály Institute, in one of his papers on the parallels of the poet and the composer. At the same time, it is interesting that Kodály only set two Arany poems to music and other authors rarely came to the poems of the most famous figure of 19th century literature.. This is precisely why, on the occasion of the János Arany Memorial Year, the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music – with the support of the János Arany Memorial Year Committee – announced a competition for composers of new works of music utilizing the works of the poet and writer. The winning work and other placings are formally announced during this special concert.

Organizer: Liszt Academy Concert Centre, Petőfi Literary Museum

Tickets: HUF 1 200