2017.12.22 19.30

Grand Hall

Concerto Köln and Nederlands Kamerkoor

Bach Forever

Concerto Köln and Nederlands Kamerkoor

J. S. Bach:
Christmas Oratorio, BWV 248
Louise Kemény (soprano); Maarten Engeltjes (countertenor); James Gilchrist (tenor); Andreas Wolf (bass) Concerto Köln and Nederlands Kamerkoor Conductor: Peter Dijkstra

The Nederlands Kamerkoor celebrate the birth of the Saviour every year with a performance of the Christmas Oratorio. They performed it most recently, in December 2016, together with two ensembles of very different styles, the Belgian B’Rock and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra under the baton of Trevor Pinnock. The distinguished choir with a past going back over 75 years have for decades been considered one of the leading ensembles in global concert life, while critics in the world’s press often commend them for their astonishingly homogenous sound and incredible quality of the singers who often undertake solo roles. The choir turn up at the Liszt Academy in the company of Concerto Köln, a top formation in early music performance. Over the past 30 years the German orchestra have appeared alongside the elite of soloists and conductors. They have put together over 70 studio, concert and opera recordings, in the process winning dozens of top European record prizes. Most recently, huge response was generated by an opera rarity DVD recording (Leonardo Vinci: Artaserse), in which the greatest countertenor singers of our day appear: Philippe Jaroussky, France Fagioli, Max Emanuel Cencic and Valer Sabadus.

Organizer: Liszt Academy Concert Centre

Tickets: HUF 4 900, 6 300, 7 600, 9 900