2015.03.12 19.30

Grand Hall

Csaba Somos DLA doctoral concert

Voice so close

Csaba Somos DLA doctoral concert

Zsófia Tallér:
Odi et amo
Miklós Csemiczky:
Vox dilecti mei
Miklós Beischer-Matyó:
A halálra táncoltatott lány
Tibor Oláh:
Madrigali concertanti (III. Love)
György Orbán:
Jenő Pertis:
Two Transsylvanian Ballades
Featuring on piano: Attila Pertis
Levente Gyöngyösi:
Ha én kedvesemről gondolkodom
Messa di Gloria
Judit Szathmáry, József Csapó (tenor); Domonkos Blazsó (baritone) National Choir (choral director: Mátyás Antal) Miskolc Symphony Orchestra Conductor: Csaba Somos

Liszt Prize-laureate Csaba Somos has headed the Liszt Academy Chorus since 2013, and for more than 20 years he has been a regular guest conductor of several domestic symphony orchestras and choirs, as well as sitting on the juries of top singing competitions. Here he has selected one of the most sublime works of Romantic church music, a test piece from a century and a half ago, for the concert marking the finals of his DLA doctorate. Puccini was 22 when, as a graduation exercise, he set to music the mass, and although the composition was a considerable success at its world premiere, it was never performed again in his lifetime, nor did it ever go to print. The next full performance of Messa di Gloria took place in 1952. The operatic tone and full-blooded melodiousness so characteristic of 19th century Italian ecclesiastical music is, naturally, typical of this work. A few tunes may well be familiar for many, for example, Agnus Dei, which Puccini used later in Manon Lescaut. Csaba Somos is partnered by one of the finest orchestras in the country, the National Choir, and the brilliant Miskolc Symphony Orchestra.

Organizer: Liszt Academy Concert Centre

Sponsor: National Cultural Fund of Hungary, Liszt Academy Foundation

Tickets: HUF 500, 900, 1 500