2017.02.09 19.30

Grand Hall

London Sinfonietta

Here and Now

London Sinfonietta

Michael Nyman:
In C Interlude
Tansy Davies:
Steve Reich:
2 x 5
Simon Bainbridge:
Concertante in Moto Perpetuo
Edmund Finnis:
in situ
Steve Reich:
Radio Rewrite
London Sinfonietta

“In the nearly 50 years since being formed they have written music history”. Stating this about an ensemble specialized in contemporary music may appear gimmicky but in the case of the London Sinfonietta it is an everyday fact. Their concert in the Liszt Academy paints a nuanced picture of who is writing 21st century music history in Britain today, and through which works. Among the artists of the new generation are pieces by Tansy Davies and Edmund Finnis, two totally original composers. The latter is almost considered to be the ‘in-house composer’ for the London Sinfonietta (over the past few years the orchestra have featured six new compositions by Finnis). Many position the music of Tansy Davies in the hinterland of avant-garde and experimental rock, with one critic suggesting that pieces by Davies lie halfway between Xenakis and Prince. The premiere in London by the ensemble in 2013 aroused intense interest. The London Sinfonietta debuted the first composition by Steve Reich (Radio Rewrite) written to two rock songs (Radiohead: Jigsaw Falling into Place, Everything in Its Right Place). Critics received the several-movement work with ecstatic enthusiasm.

Organizer: Liszt Academy Concert Centre

Tickets: HUF 1 200, 1 700, 2 800, 3 900