2018.02.23 19.00

Solti Hall

Live Animation – Studio 5 Composers’ Evening

Here and Now

Live Animation – Studio 5 Composers’ Evening


Judit Varga:
Black and White (premiere)
Árpád Solti:
Concertino for Strings and Solo Timpani
Bence Kutrik:
Emojis (premiere)
András Gábor Virágh:
Genesys (premiere)
Máté Bella:
Lethe (Hungarian premiere)
Chiao-Hua Chang (erhu – chinese violin) Anima Musicae Chamber Orchestra (artistic director: László G. Horváth) Gábor Palotás (timpani) Conductor: Péter Dobszay

In the wake of their introductory concert in February 2017, members of the composers’ group going under the name Studio 5 make another Composers’ Evening appearance at the Liszt Academy. Máté Bella, Bence Kutrik, Árpád Solti, Judit Varga and András Gábor Virágh are the heirs of that music tradition hallmarked by György Ligeti and György Kurtág, which – after Béla Bartók, Zoltán Kodály and Ernő Dohnányi – has raised contemporary Hungarian music onto an international level. Starting from this noble tradition, the aim of Studio 5 is to create new musical concerts that represent at the highest artistic standard a bridge between tradition and innovation, patina and progress. By reinterpreting their musical roles, the creative minds are endeavouring to bring contemporary music closer to a young audience and make the new sounds they represent accessible and experiential to as many people as possible. Even though every one of the Studio 5 composers completed part of their music studies abroad, they all consider the Liszt Academy their alma mater. They can boast countless Hungarian and international prizes, and several of them are also respected as teachers at the Liszt Academy. The acoustically excellent Sir Georg Solti Chamber Hall is venue for their new music recital in which just like last year some of the most gifted of the young generation of musicians take to the stage.
Commissioned by STUDIO 5, an ambient type video will be recorded for the concert, made by László László Révész, painter and performance artist and his colleague, the Turkish Volkan Mengii computer artist, an exchange student at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. It is of crucial importance that the hierarchy between music and image will be turned upside down this time: music will come first, while the videos will have a mere accompanying role.
Prior to the concert, musicologist Szabolcs Molnár will be hosting an on-stage discussion with the creators and the conductor of the concert in the Auditorium from 6pm onwards.

Organizer: Liszt Academy Concert Centre

Tickets: HUF 1 900