2017.10.12 19.30

Solti Hall

Markus Stockhausen and the QUADRIVIUM

CAFe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival

Markus Stockhausen and the QUADRIVIUM

Markus Stockhausen's (Far Into The Stars, Better World, Encoeur, Warmlicht, Mondtraum, Our Father), Jörg Brinkmann's (Choral am Ende der Reise), Angelo Comisso's (Hasmin) works, and improvisations
Markus Stockhausen (trumpet, flugelhorn, electronics); Jörg Brinkmann (cello, electronics); Angelo Comisso (piano); Christian Thomé (drum, electronics)

The story of Quadrivium stretches back to 2003, when Markus Stockhausen and Angelo Comisso gave their first joint concert. In 2004 they were joined by the sensitive drummer Christian Thomé to create a trio, and together they went on to release several hit albums. In 2015 Jörg Brinkmann joined the team, which is officially when this now four-member group started using the name Quadrivium. Compositions by Stockhausen and Comisso rooted in European classical music create a harmonic synthesis with the art of improvisation: sometimes light, sometimes playful, expressive and emotional, and when appropriate, there is no lack of humour either. Stockhausen, Brinkmann, Comisso and Thomé are all virtuosos, who expand the possibilities of instrumental performance with exciting novelties and techniques. The legendary trumpeter and his ensemble present their latest record at the concert. Their music, enriched with electronic sounds, lies closest to jazz, but it is also capable of overwhelming listeners whose tastes are more attuned to classical or even contemporary music.

Organizer: Liszt Academy Concert Centre, CAFe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival

Tickets: HUF 1 500