2017.09.09 11.00


Bartók World Competition & Festival – Liszt Kidz Academy Special Edition

Bartók World Competition & Festival – Liszt Kidz Academy Special Edition

Activity leaders: Regina Liget, Beáta Mészáros, Dóra Tápai, Béla Dolhai, Dávid Kósa

For many people, Bartók is an ever-serious composer interpreting the affairs of the world in a complex manner, yet behind the figure commanding profound respect is a father and a teacher open towards the world of children. Bartók’s son was just eight when his father started teaching him to play piano, and this is also when the composer began the systematic development of the six-volume Mikrokosmos. In the words of Tibor Tallián: “Bartók considered microcosmos to be a dynamic concept: he stands the child at the threshold of music, admits him, guides him throughout his kingdom and at the end of the long road, by the time the child has grown up and stepped into the music macrocosmos, he understands that the microcosmos is not only a mirror of the macrocosmos, but a part of it as well – he recognizes the identity of small and big, part and whole.” The youngest participants at the Opening Day of the Bartók World Competition and Festival can be a part of this world; through a series of games, they can discover Bartók’s music in four locations around the Academy on Liszt Ferenc Square. In exactly the same way as other educational activities for kids arranged at the Liszt Academy, here, too, we give each child a booklet in which they can collect stamps at each activity, and then trade these for small gifts at the end of the day.

Organizer: Liszt Academy Concert Centre

Tickets: Admission is free.