Liszt Academy’s first image spot

Unrivalled venue, young talented artists, passion of music and a bit of provocation


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The primary target audience of the spot is young people and youthful culture consumers who as an integral part of their lifestyle no longer go/have not yet been to classical music concerts, yet are open to new and original experiences. Another important objective we set ourselves was that the clip should be suitably universal i.e. it should also be comprehensible for foreign audiences since in spring 2015 the Liszt Academy message is being broadcast not only to domestic TV viewers but BBC and MEZZO audiences as well. This is why we decided not simply to attempt distilling in a declarative way into a 30 seconds ad the traditions of the institution founded 140 years ago and the matchless unity of University and Concert Centre (this was the aim of our 4 minutes exclusive film etude prepared for the Grand Opening gala concert of the art nouveau music palace in 2013). Instead – on the basis of the groundbreaking creative concept of communications director Imre Szabó Stein and, on the part of the creative agency of the Liszt Academy, Róbert Gács – we focused on formulating through the medium of film the cathartic energy of the music born in the Liszt Academy and the dynamism of young talented artists. True to the strategy expressed in relation to the reopening of the Liszt Academy, the spot builds on the tension between a distinguished past and dynamic progression; it can be considered a continuation of the ‘Music Beyond Time’ campaign launched in the autumn of 2014, the principal figures of which were Zoltán Kocsis and the Liszt Academy Symphony Orchestra. Director of the short film is Dávid Géczy, who is also associated with the making of clips for the formal opening ceremony of the Liszt Academy in autumn 2013. The unusual feature of the recording was that the audience of the music academy on Liszt Ferenc Square could have an active part in it. The public recording of the image film was at the Clip Concert (8 December 2014), during which the audience enjoyed music by youthful Liszt Academy composer and multiple prize winner Bence Kutrik performed by Musiciens Libres chamber ensemble, specially augmented for this occasion and numbering several Junior Prima laureates among the players.


Creative Producer: Imre Szabó Stein
Director: Dávid Géczy
Director of Photography: Balázs Dobóczy
Music: Bence Kutrik
Story by: Imre Szabó Stein, Róbert Gács
Editor: Balázs Hatvani
Production Assistant: Sára Szentmiklósi, Dániel Végh
Production company: Cinelabyrinth – Balázs Hatvani, Gábor Mengyi
1st Assistant: Ildikó Palovits
Color Grading: Amego Film – Levente Kiss
Recording Producer: Klaudia Könyves
Balance Engineer: Gergely Lakatos, Kálmán Melha
Music Consultant: Balázs Horváth



László Váradi (piano)
Makiko Yoshida (soprano)
Anastasia Razvalyaeva (harp)
Miklós Környei (guitar)
Dániel Szabó (cimbalom)
Judit Rozsnyói (violin)
Máté Vizeli (viola)
Eszter Karasszon (violoncello)
Ernő Bodoczki (double bass)
Máté Bán (flute)
Norbert Czeilinger (bass trombone)
Helga Kiss, Gyula Lajhó, Dániel Janca (percussion)