The most important class, however, for me and for hundreds of other Hungarian musicians, was the chamber-music class. From about the age of fourteen, and until graduation from the Academy, all instrumentalists except the heavy-brass players and percussionists had to participate in this course. Presiding over it for many years was the composer Leó Weiner, who thus exercised an enormous influence on three generations of Hungarian musicians.

Sir Georg Solti

6 October 2018, 19.30-22.00

Grand Hall



Telemann: Musique de table, Part 2 – Concerto for Three Violins in F major, TWV 53:F1
Locatelli: Concerto Grosso in E-flat major, Op. 7/6 (ʻIl Pianto d'Ariannaʼ)
J. S. Bach: Violin Concerto in A minor, BWV 1041


Vivaldi: The Four Seasons – Winter, RV 297
Vivaldi: Concerto for Viola D'amore and Lute in D minor, RV 540
Vivaldi: Nisi Dominus, RV 608


Dmitry Sinkovsky (violin, countertenor)
Featuring: Maria Krestinskaya (viola d'amore), Luca Pianca (lute), Elena Davydova, Svetlana Ramazanova (violin)
La Voce Strumentale (artistic director: Dmitry Sinkovsky)

There are countless contemporary reports of Italian star violinists active in the first half of the 18th century, illustrating what an astonishing impact this new kind of instrumental virtuosity had on audiences of the day. Dmitry Sinkovsky, one of the most exciting Russian violinists of the early 21st century, not only plays Baroque masterworks in a manner and on an instrument faithful to the 18th century, but his stage presence is likely just as spellbinding as that of his Italian forerunners living in the 1700s. And the parallels do not end there: Sinkovsky not only plays the violin but he actively pursues other branches of music – he has already revealed his fine singing capabilities at a Budapest concert – on top of which he teaches, as did Antonio Vivaldi, whose works we hear at this recital. La Voce Strumentale comprises his fellow teachers and students from Moscow.


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