Technique should create itself from spirit not from mechanics.

Franz Liszt to Lina Raman
Between the Three of Us

17 November 2019, 17.00-18.30

Solti Hall – Journey by Moonlight

Between the Three of Us Presented by Liszt Academy

Conversation on Theatre and Music

Puccini: Crisantemi

Host: Izabella Simon and Dénes Várjon
Guest: Pál Mácsai
Kuss Quartet: Jana Kuss, Oliver Wille (violin); William Coleman (viola); Mikayel Hakhnazaryan (cello)

Memory, night, fantasia, wandering, moon, midnight – these are the titles of this year’s concerts and at the same time inexhaustible topics whether about music, literature or the theatre. All the more so if we supplement them with the words travel, longing, nostalgia and death, which most accurately connect the festival programmes to Journey by Moonlight, the novel by Antal Szerb. Izabella Simon and Dénes Várjon once again take great interest in researching the connections between the fellow arts; the ideal vehicle for this investigation is the long-established discussion forum arranged in the café of the Liszt Academy. In 2019, the artistic directors have invited Kossuth and Jászai Mari Prize laureate actor and director Pál Mácsai, director of the Örkény István Theatre, who even within the family is well aware of all the delights of the attendant arts thanks to his painter father and musicologist sibling. Kuss Quartet complement the chat about the novel, music and the theatre, playing an early Puccini string quartet, Chrysanthemums.

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