Technique should create itself from spirit not from mechanics.

Franz Liszt to Lina Raman
Félix Lajkó

4 January 2020, 19.30-22.00

Grand Hall

Félix Lajkó

Félix Lajkó (violin)

If ‘boundless’ music exists at all, we can be certain to hear it at the concert by Félix Lajkó. The violinist grants us insight into a personal, internal world that is unequivocally his and his alone. We’ll come across unequalled virtuosity, standard musical themes, unexpected whistling, serenades and well-known, evocative melodies from somewhere long in the past. Félix Lajkó experiences violin play as an unfinished experiment, one that is never perfected, never complete and finalized. As he puts it: “Playing in an orchestra represents a constraint, the fulfilling part is when the orchestra can play together. When there is a theme that we begin to play and itsuddenly explodes. And there is a part which works not in the orchestra but rather as a solo: when it is total improvization and I have nobody around me. Both are good. I suppose that if I didn’t have one or the other, then I would feel that something was missing.”

Presented by

Fonó Budai Zeneház


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