My friends are those who haunt the Ideal; there, dear friend, we 'recognize' each other, and shall always do so…

Liszt to Ödön Mihalovich
Amadinda Percussion Project

11 February 2020, 19.00-21.00

Solti Hall

Here and Now

Amadinda Percussion Project Presented by Liszt Academy

Bob Becker: Mudra
Bob Becker: Unseen Child
Steve Reich: Six Marimbas
Vivier: Cinq chansons pour percussion (variation on trio, Hungarian première)
Xenakis: Peaux

Amadinda Percussion Group: Károly Bojtos, Aurél Holló, Zoltán Rácz, Zoltán Váczi
TanBorEn Trio: Csombor Kerek, Zoltán Madaras, Levente Tóth (percussion)
Percussionist students of the Liszt Academy

One might discover few parallels in the music conceptualization of Claude Vivier and Steve Reich or Iannis Xenakis and Bob Becker, yet the tonal opportunities offered by percussion instruments and a particular fascination with archaic expressive forms are common to all four composers. Thus, this concert featuring the Amadinda Percussion Group and percussionist students of the Liszt Academy undertakes to present the many different ways in which traditional music and avant-garde, as well as western music and musicality reflecting an oriental attitude cling to each other. Vivier’s work, originally written for soloist evokes the island of Bali, whereas the Xenakis composition scored exclusively for percussion instruments with skins conjures up Greek myths. Of the many works by Bob Becker reflecting on Far Eastern traditions, Mudra - inspired by Indian dance culture - was characterized thus by one critic: the piece is a perfect representation of what Becker considers important in his music: euphoria, joy and harmony.



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Liszt Academy Concert Centre


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