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Liszt to Giovanni Sgambati
Insects in Music

23 February 2020, 11.00-12.30

Solti Hall

Liszt Kidz Academy – Music in Nature

Insects in Music Presented by Liszt Academy

For 10-15-year-olds

Rimsky-Korsakov: Flight of the Bumblebee
Bartók: Mikrokosmos, BB 105 – From the Diary of a Fly
Josquin: El Grillo
Chopin: Etude in F minor, Op. 25/2 (‘The Bees’)
Grieg: Lyric Pieces – Butterfly
Dora Cojocaru: Insects, Bugs and Other Species

Panni Hotzi (piano), Mátyás Hotzi (cello), Zsolt Bartek, Balázs Rumy, Péter Szűcs (clarinet)
Moderator: Dániel Mona

We have no idea how music actually came about but many believe that at some time in the distant past, man discovered the beauty of the voices of nature and tried to mimic them with his own tools. However it happened, in the artistic music also called ‘classical’, nature always played an important role, as did the question of how the world around us can be evoked with the help of music. ▪ In the spring semester, the youth concert series organized by the Liszt Academy, Liszt Kidz Academy, examines the relationship between music and nature. In this, the second concert, we are still examining the sky and winged creatures, but instead of birds, tiny insects are under the microscope. Countless composers have been inspired by the buzzing, the deft agility, or indeed the beauty of one or the other insect (let us consider the butterfly) for many centuries, but modern instruments and sounds still inspire exciting ‘insect music’ today. Plenty of examples are on hand in this respect from music historian Dániel Mona and the great team made up of former and current students of the Liszt Academy.



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