The point is to increase gradually the level of the understanding, cultivation and practice of musical art. This task falls particularly to the new Academy.

Liszt to Antal Augusz

Chamber Music, So Close Spring 2020

Dear Audience! Let us inform you that the season ticket Chamber Music, So Close Spring 2020 has been sold out. Solo tickets are still available for each concert. Thank you for your understanding!


Our Solti Hall chamber music season ticket features a lineup of young talents and renowned artist in 2020 as well. Gabriele Carcano, Stephen Waarts and Marie-Elisabeth Hecker are gaining recognition on the international scene after winning numerous competitions and captivating audiences in prestigious concert halls all over the globe. The three excellent soloists and chamber musicians will recount the tale of the piano trio, one of the most intimate classical music genres, through the works of Haydn, Schumann and Ravel. Edvard Grieg's chamber music oeuvre is rather scant, but these few works are a prime example of the composer's endeavor to weave the characteristics of Norwegian folk music into the fabric of accepted compositional forms and styles. The pieces that can rarely be heard in concert halls are performed by three ambitious young musicians of outstanding talent, Júlia Pusker, Christoph Heesch and Marcell Szabó. Hungary’s outstanding chamber music culture in the 20th century gave Europe and the world such prestigious chamber ensembles as the Kodály String Quartet, which has been showcasing Hungarian music culture around the world for more than fifty years. The public will hear at their concert two string quartets - a piece by Mozart and Beethoven - as well as a string quintet by Brahms, with Máté Szűcs joining the quartet for the rendition of the latter. Shostakovich's two piano trios are musical memorials to love and passing: Op. 8, inspired by the experience of the first love, was born immediately after the death of the composer’s father; Op. 67 was written in the memory of a friend who had passed away. The concert will also feature the vocal suite entitled Seven Romances, which – through its lyrics – talks openly about these two universal human experiences. Australian soprano Eleanor Lyons will join the trio of pianist István Lajkó, cellist Ildikó Szabó and violinist Miriam Helms Ålien from Norway at the concert.

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