The training I received at the Academy was difficult and at times harsh, but those who survived the experience emerged as real musicians.

Sir Georg Solti

Here and Now Spring 2020

Dear Audience! Let us inform you that the season ticket Here and Now 2020 Spring has been sold out. Solo tickets are still available for each concert. Thank you for your understanding!


Lera Auerbach's composition entitled Goetia 72 for choir and string quartet was inspired by the world of demons. According to the tradition of magic, when the wise King Solomon had triumphed over the demons, he sealed all 72 of them in a copper barrel that he sunk in a lake. But the barrel was later opened and the demons scattered around the world. The work of American pianist of Soviet-Russian descent will be performed by a French string quartet, Quatuor Danel and the Dutch Chamber Choir, which returns to Budapest frequently. The Amadinda Percussion Group and the percussion students of the Liszt Academy have staged several memorable concerts in recent years. Their concert on this season ticket seeks to illustrate the many ways in which traditional music and the avant-garde, Western music and musicality projecting the Eastern world view cling to each other. At the 2020 Kurtág-Ligeti Concert, the public will hear a vocal and instrumental chamber music composition by each of the two Hungarian authors. Finnish coloratura soprano Anu Komsi has an extremely rich repertoire, there is no single era in the history of music whose iconic works are not regularly featured on her shows, however the bulk of the songs she performs on stage consists of pieces by authors from the 20th and 21th century. In Kurtág’s Kafka Fragments her partner will be András Keller, who will also take the stage together with Szabolcs Zempléni and Dénes Várjon in the Horn Trio, one of the essential works of the Ligeti oeuvre. STUDIO 5’s thematic Solti Hall concerts staged every year are always organized with one goal in mind: to create the most natural relationship between the public and contemporary music. This time they have chosen dance as the means to achieve this purpose; on their 6th thematic evening they will endeavor to show that the link between ballet, dance and music is as much alive in the 21st century as it was at the time when French court ballet and opera intertwined in the 18th century, or during the collaboration between Stravinsky and the Diaghilev ballet company in the early 20th century.

2020 November