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Liszt to Antal Augusz 2018 – The Glass Bead Game

Devotees of chamber music are well aware that the third week in November is week in Budapest – the fourth time the festival has been staged. Artistic directors Izabella Simon and Dénes Várjon have once again chosen a literary work as the common thread running through the entire event: in 2018, the four-day festival revolves around the Hermann Hesse novel The Glass Bead Game. Since the author has multiple associations with Switzerland, several Swiss artists make their appearance at the concerts: members of the Merel Quartet, Jürg Dahler, Thomas Demenga, Heinz Holliger and Reto Bieri. Naturally, there are other foreign and domestic musicians in attendance at concerts in which the two principal motifs of the novel are apparent: the master-student relationship, and questions about the links between science, art and religion. All this in six concerts, a children’s performance, a literary discussion and a bonus programme.

In the event of the simultaneous purchase of tickets for two concerts within the same series, a 10% discount applies, in the event of three concerts, there is a 15% discount, of four concerts, a 20%, of five concerts, a 25%, while in the event of six concerts, there is a 30% discount.


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