Taste is a negative thing. Genius affirms and always affirms.

Franz Liszt

Masters of the Orchestra 2020

Dear Audience! Let us inform you that the season ticket Masters of the Orchestra 2020 has been sold out. Solo tickets are still available for each concert. Thank you for your understanding!


The latest season ticket of the Liszt Academy’s Symphony Orchestra features our students performing under the guidance of world-famous masters such as Gábor Takács-Nagy, Dennis Russell Davies, Gilbert Varga and Zsolt Hamar. The programme of the concert starring  Gábor Takács-Nagy consists of Mendelssohn's Hebrides Overture, Violin Concerto in E minor and Dvořák's Symphony No 8. The violin conerto’s solo will be played by Giovanni Guzzo, who is also a frequent guest lecturer at the Liszt Academy’s master classes. Grammy Award winner Dennis Russell Davies, one of the most innovative and original conductors of our times, is a returning guest at the helm of the orchestra and will bring with him the works of Brahms and Bernstein next year. Alongside Davies, two Hungarian pianists will also take the stage as soloists: József Balog, one of the most versatile performers of the Hungarian musical scene, and Marcell Vajda, hailed as a promising young talent. Each year, the audience is invited to a festive concert on the anniversary of the founder of the university; on this occasion, the university orchestra will be conducted by Zsolt Hamar. In addition to Berlioz's concerto overture and Liszt's Dante Symphony, the programme features Paganini's Violin Concerto No 1, performed by 20-year old Kristóf Tóth, who - despite his tender age - has already excelled in several competitions. Internationally acclaimed conductor of Hungarian descent Gilbert Varga will conduct the orchestra on the anniversary of the foundation of the Academy; Ádám Balogh, who finished second in the piano category of the Bartók World Competition, will be the soloist in Bartók’s Piano Concerto No 3.

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