My friends are those who haunt the Ideal; there, dear friend, we 'recognize' each other, and shall always do so…

Liszt to Ödön Mihalovich

Liszt Kidz Academy Spring 2020

Music in Nature

Dear Audience! Let us inform you that the season ticket Music in Nature has been sold out. Solo tickets are still available for each concert. Thank you for your understanding!


Nobody knows how music was created, but many believe that in ancient times man discovered the beauty of the sounds of nature and tried to imitate it with his own tools. Whatever the case may be, nature has always played an important role in artistic music, also called "classical", and the question often arose as to how the world around us can be evoked with the help of music. In the spring semester, the Liszt Academy’s youth program series explores the relationship between music and nature and sheds light on how different animal species are portrayed in music. At the opening concert, multiple award winner pianist József Balog guides the audience into the musical world of birds. We will continue to gaze at the sky and the soaring creatures at the second concert together with the current and former students of the Liszt Academy, but this time tiny insects will be in the limelight instead of birds. During the third concert, we will return to the ground, head into the woods and listen to music about wild animals and hunting together with Gábor Eckhardt and his fellow musicians. At the season-end matinee we venture into a special territory with the help of Balázs Fülei, Head of the Chamber Music Department; we plunge below the surface of water and visit the fish. Children will be accompanied by music historian Dániel Mona on these unique musical wanderings.



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