The point is to increase gradually the level of the understanding, cultivation and practice of musical art. This task falls particularly to the new Academy.

Liszt to Antal Augusz


25 February 2021

Dear Audience,

In view of the epidemic situation, the management of the Liszt Ferenc University of Music has decided not to hold public concerts at the Academy Concert Centre until 31 March 31 2021. Most of our performances are available as free online concerts.

The concert by Jiyeong Mun and László Fenyő on 5 March, for which we previously sold tickets, will be available as an online concert, so we will redeem the tickets. The concert by Julia Lezhneva and the Venice Baroque Orchestra on 13 March is cancelled, and tickets previously purchased for this event will also be redeemed. Tickets purchased at the ticket office are refundable until 30 June 2021. We also handle the refund of tickets purchased online, through our ticket management partner. (The refund is made by our service provider, InterTicket Kft., and the process can take several weeks.) In the coming weeks we will award our patrons with season tickets a ticket voucher the value of which is equivalent to the part of their season ticket for the concert affected. We would like to inform you that the online broadcasts of the Liszt Academy are free of charge, so these ticket vouchers cannot be redeemed for the purchase of online broadcast accesses.

If you have a ticket for a concert not organized by the Liszt Academy Concert Centre, the organizer of the given concert can provide information about the refund of the ticket price.

The following information is available about the programmes of the Liszt Academy between 25 February and 15 March.


25.02.20217.00 p.m.MÁV Symphony Orchestra

Stream free of charge at the website, Facebook page and Youtube channel of the Liszt Academy and the MÁV Orchestra.

27.02.20217.45 p.m.Budapest Festival Orchestra

Live stream at Information:

28.02.20214.00 p.m.A day in Paris - concert serie

Stream free of charge at the website, Facebook page and Youtube channel of the Liszt Academy.

02.03.20217.30 p.m.Katalin Kokas, Barnabás Kelemen & Friends/5

Stream free of charge at the website, Facebook page and Youtube channel of the Liszt Academy and the Festival Academy.

03.03.20217.30 p.m.Gábor Farkas Piano Recital

Live stream at the website of

03.03.20217.30 p.m.Miriam Helms Ålien, Ildikó Szabó & István Lajkó

Stream free of charge at the website, Facebook page and Youtube channel of the Liszt Academy.

04.03.20217.30 p.m.Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra

Stream free of charge at the website and Youtube channel of the Liszt Academy and at the Facebook page of the Liszt Academy and the National Philharmonic Orchestra.

05.03.20217.30 p.m.Jiyeong Mun & László Fenyő 

Stream free of charge at the website, Facebook page and Youtube channel of the Liszt Academy.

06.03.20216.00 p.m.Zugló Philharmonic Orchestra

Stream free of charge at the website, Facebook page and Youtube channel of the Liszt Academy and the Zugló Philharmonic Orchestra. Further information here.

07.03.202111.00 a.m. - 10.00 p.m.Concerto Budapest / Mozart Day

Stream information here.

10.3.20217.30 p.m.Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra


11.03.20217.30 p.m.Alban Berg Ensemble


12.03.20217.00 p.m.MÁV Symphony Orchestra


13.03.20217.30 p.m."Spring Voices"


14.03.202111.00 a.m.Dohnányi Orchestra Budafok


14.03.20217.30 p.m.Noémi Győri, Katalin Kokas, Péter Bársony & Dóra Kokas


15.03.20217.30 p.m.Tamás Érdi

Stream free of charge at the website, Facebook page and Youtube channel of the Liszt Academy.


All children's programmes of the Liszt Kidz Academy, tours of the main building and events of the Liszt Museum are cancelled until further notice.

We would like to draw the attention of families with small children to the 15–20 minute short videos of our five-part series for 6-10 years old children “Secrets of Musical Instruments”, which are still available on the Liszt Academy website and the Liszt Kidz Academy Facebook page.

Please find our programme plan for the first half of 2021 on our website and in our online programme magazine. Due to the uncertainty caused by the epidemic, we do not sell traditional season tickets at the moment, and we only start selling tickets for a concert once we are certain that concerts can be held in the presence of a live audience.



Gift cards purchased between 11 March 2019 and 31 December 2020 and vouchers received are valid until 31 December 2021. Gift cards purchased after 1 January 2021 and ticket vouchers (gift vouchers) to be sent out in 2021 are valid for one year from the date of issue. Tickets for the concerts of the Liszt Academy Concert Centre can be purchased any number of times from the amount written on the gift card (ticket voucher). The gift cards and the electronic or printed out ticket vouchers can be all redeemed at the ticket office of the Liszt Academy or online. 



For further information please contact us by email at kozonsegkapcsolat [at] zeneakademia [dot] hu, or by phone at +36 30-339-58 17 (Monday to Thursday 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.) except for holidays. (Callback is unavailable.)

For the latest opening hours of the ticket office, please always check our website

The ticket office can only respond to e-mails and provide information by phone during opening hours. Phone: +36-1-321-0690, e-mail: zeneakademia [at] interticket [dot] hu  

All changes are announced on the website and Facebook page of the Liszt Academy, and subscribers of the Liszt Academy Extra service receive information in newsletters, as well.

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