Taste is a negative thing. Genius affirms and always affirms.

Franz Liszt

Information on the epidemiological rules in the buildings of the Liszt Academy

8 September 2020

The concert season kicked off at the Liszt Academy at the end of August. Based on the experience of previous concerts and the recommendations of the bodies responsible for operating the Academy, the University has issued instructions on the rules aimed at preventing the spread of the epidemic and ensuring the safety of our audience, staff members, students and partners in its buildings. Below is information concerning provisions that also apply to members of the audience.


  • We kindly ask our spectators not to visit the Liszt Academy when they are sick, especially if they have symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections, in a febrile state, or if they suspect they have a viral infection. In such instances, they should pass on their tickets to their healthy relatives or acquaintances.

  • Members of the audience shall have their body temperature measured before entering the building. Above a body temperature of 37.5 ° C, the measurement is repeated. If the repeated measurement also shows a value higher than 37.5 C, the person will not be allowed to enter the building. In such instances, the visitor concerned shall be informed of ticket price reimbursement methods.

  • Visitors displaying perceptible symptoms of acute upper respiratory tract infections (constantly coughing or sneezing), shall be asked to leave the building even if they do not have a fever. In such cases, the price of the ticket shall not be reimbursed.

  • Hand sanitizers will be placed at the entrance of the building and the concert halls, please disinfect your hands when entering!
  • Given that security measures may slow down the entrance process, please be sure to arrive earlier than usual! We will open the auditorium of our concert halls 30 minutes before the start of the given concert, thus reducing the number of people waiting in the lobby.

  • While waiting, please make sure to keep a safe physical distance as much as possible! The performance will only begin when those still queuing up have taken their seats.

  • Wearing a protective mask that covers the face and nose is mandatory on the entire territory of the building and throughout the entire period spent in the building, including concerts, except in the buffet and exclusively for the duration of food and drink consumption.

  • Spectators are requested to ensure that they have their own masks.  

  • The entire backstage area, including the artist corridor, in the building of the Liszt Academy is closed to the public before, during and after the concerts.

  • The elevators can be used by maximum 4 people at any one time.


Other measures launched by the Liszt Academy aimed at ensuring the safety of the public 


  • Our Solti Hall concerts, which take place simultaneously with concerts in the Grand Hall, will sometimes be held with a slightly shortened programme and without intermission. Members of the audience can only access the Solti Hall via the staircase facing Dohnányi Street, located to the left of the entrance and will only be able to use the cloakroom on the left. Our hostesses will assist everyone with this. Members of the audience can use the restrooms located at the back of the Atrium Hall.

  • Ventilators operating in the mechanically ventilated spaces of the Grand Hall and the Solti Hall ensure a continuous and increased air exchange with a 100% fresh air ratio and high efficiency.

  • Employees who come into direct contact with members of the public and employees of the service providers, such as staff working in the auditorium and the buffets, ticket sellers and CD vendors are requested to wear gloves.

  • Employees, contributors and service providers involved in the organization of concerts can only start work if they are asymptomatic and after having their body temperature measured.

  • We have increased the headcount of the general cleaning staff of the building, and we pay increased attention to disinfecting auditorium chairs, handles and restrooms before the concerts.

  • Our ticket offices operate with limited opening hours, except for event days, until further notice. On the day of the concerts, ticket offices operate with the usual opening hours, from 10.00 am until the intermission of the last concert. The ticket office can be accessed during the day through the entrance in the windbreak; before and during concerts through the usual entrance in the main lobby. Only one customer can be in the ticket office at any one time and customers are requested to keep a distance of 1.5 metres.

Please visit the website or the social media sites of the Liszt Academy for the latest and most up-to-date information.