The most important class, however, for me and for hundreds of other Hungarian musicians, was the chamber-music class. From about the age of fourteen, and until graduation from the Academy, all instrumentalists except the heavy-brass players and percussionists had to participate in this course. Presiding over it for many years was the composer Leó Weiner, who thus exercised an enormous influence on three generations of Hungarian musicians.

Sir Georg Solti

Liszt Kidz Academy Autumn 2020 - Oddballs



Who exactly is an oddball? A cartoon character from the movie Nemo? Or the whale from Melville’s Moby Dick? For the autumn 2020 season, music historian Dániel Mona and the Liszt Kidz Academy, the Liszt Academy’s youth programme series, have put together a theme that will undoubtedly leave the audience of children aged 10-15 (and of course their companions) open-mouthed with surprise. The series will feature the superheroes of music life, eccentric figures with unusual abilities, artists regarded by the majority of their peers as: oddballs. We will peak into the mind of a percussionist, a composer, a pianist and an entire choir in our quest to find out how music comes to life in their souls and minds. Right there. Right then. Our central theme will be the process of composition, more precisely improvisation. We will try to solve the mystery, get our hands on and use the recipe of improvisation while also putting the musicians to test: can they really make music out of anything?

season ticket prices until 31 may 2020: huf 8 100 

season ticket prices from 1 june: huf 8 500 


Season tickets can be purchased at the ticket office of the Liszt Academy or online on the following link.



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