The point is to increase gradually the level of the understanding, cultivation and practice of musical art. This task falls particularly to the new Academy.

Liszt to Antal Augusz

Organ in the Centre Spring 2020

This season ticket to be launched in spring is the third that focuses on the revamped Voit&Söhne organ. Zsuzsa Elekes, who has achieved considerable international success, and German organist Wolfgang Seifen will make their debut alongside Balázs Szabó, whose name sounds familiar to the audience of the Liszt Academy. For her recital, Zsuzsa Elekes has selected works that are rarely performed in concert. She will play Elek Huzella's composition written in the memory of a friend who passed away during the 1956 Revolution, and the second half of the show will feature works composed at the time when the Liszt Academy’s magically sounding Voit organ was built. Improvisation is Wolfgang Seifen’s raison d’être. He is an ultimate authority in this genre, who has been teaching improvisation for three decades at colleges of music across Germany. The uniqueness of his solo performance is best illustrated by the fact that it provides a glimpse into the master’s workshop, letting the audience in on the secrets and intricacies of the birth of improvisation. Liszt’s twelve Transcendent Études are among the pinnacles of piano music history. Balázs Szabó will play his own re-writes of this cycle of works composed by the first president and co-founder of the Liszt Academy, which – deemed impossible to play in Liszt’s time  - require a vicious virtuosity.


Season ticket prices until 1 January 2020: HUF 4 100, 5 200,
6 600

Season ticket prices from 2 January 2020: HUF 4 300, 5 500,
7 000


Season tickets can be purchased at the ticket office of the Liszt Academy or online on the following link.



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