Kodály's method of teaching music is brilliant …. All good music-making begins with the voice.

Sir Georg Solti

Concert series 2021 autumn

Nearly an entire season passed without the Liszt Academy being able to receive audiences at its concerts; classical music aficionados could only enjoy the performances in their homes via our broadcasts. Every one of us missed the experience of listening to live music, even though geographical boundaries crumpled and we were able to book a seat in the most coveted concert halls of Europe with a single click. The natural cycle of the music world came to an abrupt halt, performers and orchestras did not go on long tours, and it required extraordinary circumstances for some performances featuring foreign artists to take place. At the same time, planning didn’t stop, everyone was working feverishly on putting together the programme of upcoming concert seasons, offers were coming in and artists were busy filling up their calendars.

The Liszt Academy kept busy as well. We tried to stick to the announced programmes to the extent that it was possible and went ahead with planning the programmes of the next season in the meantime. Many of the performances that we had been forced to cancel were assigned new dates, as we considered it important to “salvage” them. Working against the difficulties posed by the current situation, we tried to convey a sense continuity with our autumn 2021 offer and our programmes have the customary high quality and structure. Chamber music fans will have a wide selection to choose from, including some truly unique events, such as the Shostakovich concert performed by Kristóf Baráti, István Várdai and Zoltán Fejérvári.

We will continue our string quartet series and we have invited four excellent quartets that are becoming immensely popular in international circles. Mozart's music will be the focus of the series featuring chamber orchestras; the Manchester Camerata led by conductor Takács Gábor Nagy will once again take the stage and the guest performance of the Swedish Chamber Orchestra featuring Martin Frost's solo promises to be a real sensation.

We will welcome once again Gábor Boldoczki and the musicians of Capella Gabetta as the guests of our baroque series. Our piano series organised in the Solti Hall will offer several special programmes, most notably the solo concerts of Alexander Melnikov and Mihály Berecz, to name but a few. Audiences will once again have the chance to listen to Iveta Apkalna playing the organ; the artist will perform works by contemporary Baltic authors in addition to pieces by J.S. Bach. The Complete Works series will continue with Schubert's trios, with the excellent young French cellist Camille Thomas performing at the Liszt Academy for the first time alongside Gábor Farkas and Vilmos Szabadi. Our young talents will once again take the stage to entertain the audience; Ádám Szokolay, winner of the piano round of the Bartók World Competition will give a solo performance and the concert of Ensemble Z, which performs exciting new music, promises to be an outstanding programme.

 While we will continue to stream our programmes online, we look forward to seeing you again in person after such a long break.


András Csonka
Programme Director

pure baroque

30.09.2021. Barnabás Kelemen & Arcangelo
07.10.2021. Borbála Dobozy & Anima Musicae Chamber Orchestra
13.10.2021. Diana's Feast
11.11.2021. Wrocław Baroque Ensemble
02.12.2021. Gábor Boldoczki & Cappella Gabetta

mozart +

15.10.2021. Gábor Takács-Nagy, Dénes Várjon & Manchester Camerata
07.11.2021. Kristóf Baráti, Maxim Rysanov & Pannon Philharmonic
27.01.2022. Martin Fröst & Swedish Chamber Orchestra

chamber music, tuned for grand hall

29.09.2021. Kristóf Baráti, István Várdai & Zoltán Fejérvári 
25.11.2021. Péter Frankl & Kelemen Quartet
19.01.2022. Antje Weithaas, Marie-Elisabeth Hecker & Martin Helmchen

organ in the centre

02.10.2021. Iveta Apkalna
17.11.2021. David Titterington
14.12.2021. László Fassang

here and now

16.10.2021. László Vidovszky Retrospective Recital/2
09.11.2021. Amadinda Percussion Project – Reich 85
06.12.2021. Hommage à Zoltán Kocsis

complete works live

30.11.2021. Schubert Trios/1
17.12.2021. Schubert Trios/2
17.01.2022. Schubert Trios/3
17.02.2022. Schubert Trios/4

black and white colours

01.10.2021. Mihály Berecz
17.10.2021. Alexander Melnyikov
26.11.2021. Sam Haywood
09.12.2021. Gábor Farkas

four by four

26.09.2021. Novus String Quartet
20.10.2021. Castalian String Quartet
04.12.2022. Korossy String Quartet
11.02.2022. Simply Quartet

kamara.hu – In Search of Lost Time

18.11.2021. kamara.hu/1
19.11.2021. kamara.hu/2
21.11.2021. kamara.hu/4 - Géza Anda 100
21.11.2021. kamara.hu/5
21.11.2021.Between the Three of Us

chamber music, so close

21.09.2021. Máté Szűcs & Kodály String Quartet


03.10.2021. Noémi Győri, Katalin Kokas, Péter Bársony & Dóra Kokas 
05.10.2021. Ditta Rohmann & Zoltán Fejérvári 
14.10.2021. Vilmos Oláh, László Fenyő & Ilona Prunyi 
10.11.2021. Kai Frömbgen, Szabolcs Zempléni & Mariann Marczi 
12.11.2021. István Lajkó, Vilmos Oláh & Yvette Hintalan-Mondok
24.11.2021. Auer Trio
14.12.2021. Attila Falvay, Máté Szűcs & Péter Somodari 

chamber music recitals at the old academy of music

02.10.2021. Éva Szalai
05.11.2021. Zsombor Tóth-Vajna 
15.11.2021. Doppler 200

masters of the orchestra

14.11.2021. Ádám Medveczky & Liszt Academy Symphony Orchestra
15.12.2021. Salamon Kamp Salamon & Liszt Academy Symphony Orchestra
10.05.2022. Ken-Ichiro Kobayasi & Liszt Academy Symphony Orchestra

workshops at the Liszt Academy

13.10.2021. ZAK Saxophone Ensemble
28.10.2021. Church Music Department
04.11.2021. Alma Mater Choir

talent obliges

24.10.2021. Ádám Szokolay 
03.11.2021. Péter Bor, Barnabás Baranyai 
22.11.2021. Ádám Balogh Chamber Recital
05.12.2021. Ensemble Z

konzi concerts

08.11.2021. Students of the Bartók Conservatoire on the Podium

acoustic, authentic

21.10.2021. Éva Korpás 
12.11.2021. István Pávai 70
25.11.2021. Pázsint
18.12.2021. Sára Tímár

jazz it!

09.10.2021. Binder Trio
17.11.2021. Júlia Karosi, Kristjan Randalu & Gábor Juhász 
01.12.2021. Jazzation


liszt kidz academy - music fair

03.10.2021. Orchestra on the Stage 
24.10.2021. Quartet in the Living Room
19.12.2021. Soloists on Tour