I am not exaggerating when I say that, whatever I achieved as a musician, I owe more to Leó Weiner than to anyone else. ... To me, he remains an outstanding example of what a musician should be.

Sir Georg Solti

Concert Series 2021 Spring

Dear audience,

The current unprecedented situation forces us to adopt unconventional solutions. Our programme plans for 2021 have been drafted in part amidst the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, in the belief that we can implement them. As time passes by, it is becoming clear that the restrictions on public events will still remain a part of our lives in early 2021, and the audience will most likely only be able to meet their favourite artists in online broadcasts.

Nevertheless, we have decided to publish our programmes for the first half of 2021, even if we cannot be certain that the announced shows will actually take place as initially planned.  We have already cancelled the performance of several significant foreign ensembles, and we tried to reschedule many domestic programmes for a later date, thus increasing the chances of being able to organize them in the presence of an audience. We tried to compile exciting events featuring outstanding domestic and foreign ensembles and soloists.

The list below includes our planned concerts in a thematic breakdown, similarly to our previous booklet presenting our season tickets. This time we have also grouped the programmes for which we do not usually issue a season ticket into concert series. Due to the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, we will not be issuing classic season tickets this time, and we will only start selling tickets for a particular concert once we are sure that the event can be held.

As long as the restrictions remain in place and concerts cannot be held in the presence of an audience, we will deliver the musical experience to you in the form of online streaming via our Online Concert Hall. For some shows, this may result in programme changes, but we will strive to ensure that all our concerts are organised with the participation of the initially announced contributors, featuring the original programme and at the times advertised in this publication.

We hope that everyone will find the concert series, performers and shows that best suit their interests, and that we will be able to meet you in person at our concerts as soon as possible.

We wish you a fulfilling musical experience and good health!

András Csonka
Programme director

Orchestra in the Centre

2021. 03. 31.Purcell Choir & Orfeo Orchestra
2021. 05. 20.Dénes Várjon & The Vienna Chamber Orchestra

Black and White Colours

2021. 04. 09.János Palojtay
2021. 05. 12.József Balog
2021. 10. 01.Mihály Berecz
2021. 10. 17.Alexander Melnikov
2021. 11. 26.Sam Haywood
2021. 12. 09.Gábor Farkas

Four by four

2021. 09. 26.Novus String Quartet
2021. 10. 20.Castalian Quartet
2021. 12. 04.Korossy String Quartet

Chamber Music, so close

2021. 02. 03.László Baranyay & Former Students
2021. 05. 18.Julian Rachlin & Sarah McElravy
2021. 06. 09.Erdődy Chamber Orchestra

Chamber Music – Y generation Spring

2021. 02. 28.A day in Paris
2021. 03. 03.Miriam Helms Ålien, Ildikó Szabó & István Lajkó
2021. 03. 30.Eszter Karasszon, Éva Szalai & András Keller
2021. 04. 28.Chamber Circle
2021. 05. 05.Mira Farkas, László Nyári & Gergely Devich

Here and Now

2021. 01. 08.László Vidovszky retrospective recital/1
2021. 02. 24.Amadinda Percussion Project
2021. 04. 07.Essences – Studio 5 Composers' Evening
2021. 10. 16.
László Vidovszky Retrospective Recital/2


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