Music was and is an essential part of daily life in Hungary.

Sir Georg Solti

21 December 2018, 19.30-22.00

Grand Hall


Hommage à Antalffy

J. S. Bach: Toccata, adagio and fugue in C major, BWV 564
Liszt: Ave Maria d’Arcadelt
Antalffy-Zsiross: Intermezzo
Reger: Monologe, Op. 63 – 7. Ave Maria
Szendy: Pièces Antiques, Op. 16 – 2. Air (arrangement by Dezső Antalffy-Zsiross)
M. E. Bossi: Canzoncina a Maria Vergine, Op. 113/3 
M. E. Bossi: Scherzo in G minor, Op. 49/2


Antalffy-Zsiross: Scène-Pastorale
Antalffy-Zsiross: Madonna
Antalffy-Zsiross: Four Organ Pieces
Reger: Choralphantasie ʻWie schön leucht uns der Morgenstern’, Op. 40/1

Balázs Szabó (organ)

Imagine travelling back in time well over a century to the period the new organ of the recently inaugurated music academy was unveiled in 1907, and Dezső Antalffy-Zsiross returning home from Leipzig, then bastion of organ playing, to begin tutorial work at the school. Although we may not physically travel back in time, we can do so musically, with the faithfully restored Voit organ of the Grand Hall astonishing audiences again from this autumn. The remarkable pipes are again as they were in the early 20th century, as are the very structure of the organ and its tone. Balázs Szabó, one of the most dedicated members of the young organist generation and an active organ specialist, has hand-picked works for this recital on the original Liszt Academy organ, the majority of which were played by Antalffy-Zsiross himself, who was known as the ‘Dohnányi of the organ’ during his years in America. Balázs Szabó, who oversaw the reconstruction of the instrument, researched the tonal compositions used by Antalffy, a contemporary of Bartók, from old sheet music. The programme features numerous works that are rarely played these days but which perfectly evoke the period prior to World War I, that is, the world of the 1907 organ of the Liszt Academy.

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