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Liszt to Antal Augusz
New Beginnings – Hungarian Quartet

4 January 2019, 19.30-22.00

Grand Hall

New Beginnings – Hungarian Quartet Presented by Liszt Academy

Beethoven: Grosse Fuge (Great Fugue), Op. 133
Bartók: String Quartet No. 5, BB 110
Schubert: String Quintet in C major, D. 956

Hungarian Quartet: András Keller, János Pilz (violin), Gábor Homoki (viola), László Fenyő (cello)
Featuring: Miklós Perényi (cello)

This recital offers the audience an opportunity to hear the first concert by Hungarian Quartet, recently reconstituted by András Keller, the renowned violinist, founder of Keller Quartet and music director of Concerto Budapest Symphony Orchestra. Alongside Keller the members of this ‘super-quartet’ are János Pilz, founding member of Keller Quartet, principal instrumentalist of Budapest Festival Orchestra and concertmaster of Budapest Strings; László Fenyő, star soloist, professor of cello at the Karlsruhe Music Academy; and violinist Gábor Homoki, former member of Kelemen Quartet. Integrating the knowledge and talent of three Hungarian musician generations, the quartet aim to continue the work of Hungarian String Quartet, which was founded by Sándor Végh in 1935 and later led by Zoltán Székely, whose existance was interrupted in 1972. “We would like to renew the tradition of very personal music-playing represented by our predecessors and free of externalities. Jenő Hubay, Ede Zathureczky, Dénes Kovács – masters of the craft of Hungarian violin playing – spoke Hungarian on their instruments and the message of their art became universal. We would like to return to this form of music-playing, a form which is gradually dying out,” said András Keller.



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