Please allow me that, apart from my regrettable ignorance of the Hungarian language, I remain Magyar in my heart and soul from birth to the grave. As a consequence, I earnestly wish to further the progress of Hungarian music.

Liszt to Antal Augusz
Purcell Choir & Orfeo Orchestra

8 January 2019, 19.30-22.00

Grand Hall

Purcell Choir & Orfeo Orchestra Presented by Liszt Academy

Österreich: Plötzlich müssen die Leute sterben – Motet
Werner: Der gute Hirt – Oratorio

Ágnes Kovács, Adriana Kalafszky (soprano), Péter Bárány (countertenor), Zoltán Megyesi (tenor), Lóránt Najbauer (bass)
Purcell Choir
Orfeo Orchestra (concertmaster: Simon Standage)
Conductor: György Vashegyi

Anyone buying a ticket for this Purcell Choir and Orfeo Orchestra concert is destined to see an event of great noteworthiness: alongside the new-age world premieres we have almost come to expect from these two ensembles – directed by György Vashegyi – there are, this time, plenty of Hungarian associations. Gregor Joseph Werner was Kapellmeister at the Eszterházy court, and on his death he was succeeded by Joseph Haydn. A surviving manuscript score by György Thonner of the oratorio Der gute Hirt, which was first performed in Hungary, is preserved in the music collection of the National Széchényi Library. Born in Magdeburg, Georg Österreich studied under Kapellmeister Johann Schelle in the famous Thomasschule zu Leipzig, and he then became director of music for the prince in Gottorf castle. Modernity and extravagance are evident in his works; his church music has operatic and theatrical elements, and his sparkling musical ideas were forerunners of the style typical of the second half of the 18th century. The modern score and performance materials of both works are based on contemporary manuscripts and are the fruits of the labours of the ensemble’s continuo player, Augustin Szokos.

Presented by

Sysart Ltd., Orfeo Music Foundation


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