The most important class, however, for me and for hundreds of other Hungarian musicians, was the chamber-music class. From about the age of fourteen, and until graduation from the Academy, all instrumentalists except the heavy-brass players and percussionists had to participate in this course. Presiding over it for many years was the composer Leó Weiner, who thus exercised an enormous influence on three generations of Hungarian musicians.

Sir Georg Solti
Concert of the Composer Students

1 March 2019, 19.00-21.00


Concert of the Composer Students Presented by Liszt Academy

Csenge Mihalicza: Six More Movements for Piano
Csenge Mihalicza (piano)
Balázs Erőss: ...process...
Dorottya Asztalos (cello)
Abigél Varga: Porcelain - 3 etudes for Violoncello I-II
Eszter Agárdi (cello)
Márton Andorka: Sonata for Guitar
Farkas Tátrai (guitar)
Tamás Józsa: Cleansed - Overture (theatre)
Dalma Józsa (violin), Gabi Bali (cello), Tamás Józsa (piano)
Márton Andorka: Sputnik (short film)
Director: Maxim Svestkov
Milán Hodován: BIDF 2019 Spot (advertisement)
Director: Ágnes Sós
Milán Hodován: Alex (short film)
Director: Adrienn Farkas
Tamás Józsa: Katapult (short film)
Director: Balázs Szövényi-Lux
Bence Farkas: Jupiter's Moon (film - excerpt)
Director: Kornél Mundruczó

Professors of the students: Judit Varga, Ádám Balázs, Zsófia Tallér, Péter Tornyai, Gergely Barta

Presented by

Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Composition Department


Admission is free, subjected to the capacity of the room.