Please allow me that, apart from my regrettable ignorance of the Hungarian language, I remain Magyar in my heart and soul from birth to the grave. As a consequence, I earnestly wish to further the progress of Hungarian music.

Liszt to Antal Augusz
Dohnányi Orchestra Budafok

17 November 2019, 11.00-13.00

Grand Hall

Understandable Music

Dohnányi Orchestra Budafok Presented by Liszt Academy

Collision of Fates

Verdi: Rigoletto – Act 4

Dohnányi Orchestra Budafok
Moderator and conductor: Gábor Hollerung

One of the wonders of opera is that actors are capable of expressing their individual emotions at the same time in a duet, a tercet or quintet. Another marvel, like all dramatic genres, is opera’s ability to stop and speed up the flow of time. This very thing happens in the fourth act of Verdi’s Rigoletto, where the composer portrays the entangled relationships between the five individuals through the heart-stopping confrontation of the musical characters typical of the players.  

Presented by

Dohnányi Orchestra Budafok


HUF 2 300, 2 700