The most important class, however, for me and for hundreds of other Hungarian musicians, was the chamber-music class. From about the age of fourteen, and until graduation from the Academy, all instrumentalists except the heavy-brass players and percussionists had to participate in this course. Presiding over it for many years was the composer Leó Weiner, who thus exercised an enormous influence on three generations of Hungarian musicians.

Sir Georg Solti
Selini Quartet & Korossy String Quartet

16 February 2020, 19.00-20.30

Solti Hall

Selini Quartet & Korossy String Quartet Presented by Liszt Academy

Concert of ECMA (European Chamber Music Academy)

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Mendelssohn: String Quartet No. 6 in F minor, Op. 80
Bartók: String Quartet No.2, BB 75

Selini Quartet: Nadia Kalmykova, Ljuba Kalmykova (violin), Loredana Apetrei (viola), Loukia Loulaki (cello)
Korossy String Quartet: Csongor Korossy-Khayll, Kristóf Tóth (violin), Éva Osztrosits (viola), Gergely Devich (cello)

The Liszt Academy, an eminent workshop of 20th century chamber music traditions, also joined the European Chamber Music Academy (ECMA), which has been successfully operating for the past more than 15 years. The organization’s goal is to introduce young formations. This concert also forms part of this initiative, in which a Vienna-based and a domestic string quartet each play a superb example of the Romantic quartet genre. ▪ The Selini Quartet, formed in Vienna in 2016 and made up of musicians of several nationalities, have achieved huge successes at festivals, competitions and prestigious concert venues. Between 2020-2022 they also enjoy a scholarship from the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ▪ The Kruppa String Quartet, a participant of of the European Chamber Music Academy programme since 2018, were founded in 2012 by students of the Liszt Academy under the leadership of Bálint Kruppa; the formation has been assisted in its development by great artists such as András Keller, János Devich, Sándor Devich and Gábor Takács-Nagy, while the four young artists also participated in the masterclass of the world-famous Emerson Quartet.



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Liszt Academy Concert Centre


Admission to the concert is free. Tickets can be claimed at the Ticket Office of the Liszt Academy one month before the concert.