2017.01.29 19.30

Grand Hall


Voice, So Close


My secret heart

„I am the rose of Sharon” – poem from Song of songs
Veni, dilecte mi
Nigra sum
Osculetur me
Clemens non Papa:
Ego flos campi a 3
Surge, propera amica mea
Ronsard verseire
de Monte:
Bonjour mon coeur
de Bertrand:
Ce ris plus doux Anthoine
de Monte:
Le premier jour du mois de mai, ma dame
Edith Södergran verseire
Jaakko Mäntyjärvi:
Hommage à Edith
Eric Whitacre:
Go, lovely rose
Ah! May the Red Rose Live Alway! (Transcription by John Musto)
Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair (Transcription by Gene Puerling)
Szóló: Brian Hinman
Eric Whitacre:
This Marriage
My Blood is Blazing with Desire
Behold, darkness has fallen
Vocalise (Elger Niels átirata)
Szóló: Cortez Mitchell
Augusta Read Thomas:
Love Songs – II. A Serenade (“Look out upon the stars, my love.”)
Augusta Read Thomas:
Love Songs – III. Cor Cordium (“Love is a beautiful dream.”)
Augusta Read Thomas:
Love Songs – V. Don Juan (“Alas, the love of women!”)
Augusta Read Thomas:
Love Songs – VI. Romeo and Juliet (“For stony limits cannot hold love out.”)
Augusta Read Thomas:
Love Songs – VII. Love (“All mankind love a lover”)
I’ll Follow My Secret Heart (transcription by Adam Ward)
John Rutter:
It was a lover and his lass
Les Chemins de l’Amour (transcription by Evan Price)
La vie en Rose (transcription by Evan Price)
Szóló: Kory Reid
Love Walked In (transcription by Puerling)
Frankie and Johnny (American traditional, transcription by Robert De Cormier)
Somebody to Love (Vince Peterson átirata)
Chanticleer: Cortez Mitchell, Gerrod Pagenkopf, Kory Reid, Alan Reinhardt, Logan Shields, Adam Ward (szoprán és alt); Chris Albanese, Brian Hinman, Andrew Van Allsburg (tenor); Eric Alatorre, Matthew Knickman, Marques Jerrell Ruff (bariton és basszus)

The United States’ number one classical music a capella formation take on this eternal and inexhaustible topic in their own inimitable way. The vocal ensemble are rightly called one of the best singing groups anywhere in the world, referring to their huge diversity and versatility that is the hallmark of the group made up of 12 men. This time the ensemble – founded around four decades ago, three times Grammy winners, and named after the cockerel from the 14th century Canterbury Tales – bring Budapest an astonishingly rich programme of works by approximately 20 composers. The recital spans ages, genres, styles and nations, with love songs of multiple parts articulated by interesting themes. And there is plenty to choose from because if we are to look only at contemporary music, so far no fewer than 70 composers have written specifically for the ensemble, including one of the foremost American composers, Augusta Read Thomas, whose series spanning the gamut from lyricism and humour to sensuality is one of the central themes of the Chanticleer Colors of Love Grammy winning album parading contemporary works.

Organizer: Liszt Academy Concert Centre

Tickets: HUF 1 400, 2 100, 3 500, 4 900