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„Teaching is a fundamental layer of my life” – Interview with Prof Katalin Komlós

2018. February 05.

The President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Prof László Lovász has conferred upon the professor emerita of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Katalin Komlós the József Eötvös Wreath. She was awarded this prestigious accolade for her excellence in musicology, her exploration of the 18th century keyboard music and the research of its authentic interpretation on the keyboard instrument of the period, the fortepiano. Please read the interview below with the musicologist and fortepiano recitalist, Prof Katalin Komlós.


Conference tributes and holy mass in honour of László Dobszay’s birthday

2018. January 31.

László Dobszay’s life and work are honoured with a series of presentations and concerts given by the great Széchenyi Prize-winning music historian, folk music researcher, choral conductor and academic’s colleagues, students and family-members. The Head of the Church Music Department of the Liszt Academy, Ágnes Dobszay talked about the symposium held on 3 February.


Future opera stars at the Liszt Academy

2018. January 08.

It is the fifth year that the Opera Exam Festival has been hosted by the Solti Hall at the Liszt Academy. and now the opera exam performances of universities from all over the world are again in the spotlight.