2018.03.23 19.00

Solti Hall

Ágnes Enyedi & The Bandárium

Acoustic, authentic

Ágnes Enyedi & The Bandárium

Folk Music on journey

Transdanubia moods
Journey to Aranyosszéki
From Csík County
Musical journey in Mezőség from Ördöngösfüzes to Magyarszovát
Spring in Moldva
Musical journey in Kalotaszeg
„Pázsintos udvaron lakik a szegénység” - on the routes of Béla Bartók and János Jagamas:
Dance melodies from north Upper Nyárád (Székelyhodos, Ehed, Nyárádremete, Nyárádköszvényes)
Flute and string folk music from Görgény Valley
Melodies from Magyaró (collections of János Jagamas)
Ágnes Enyedi (vocals); Soma Salamon (flute, kaval, overtone flute, accordion); Andor Maruzsenszki (violin); Attila Mihó (violin); Márton Éri (viola); Tamás Enyedi (cimbalom); Máté Tóth (double bass); Orsolya András (gardon)

Ágnes Enyedi is the inspired interpreter of traditional Hungarian folk music. Her talent and dedication were flagged up early on, leading to her being awarded the Young Master of Folk Art Prize and Junior Prima Prize, then just a few years later she was selected – as folk singer – for the 50 talented Hungarian young people programme of La femme magazine. Perhaps her fascination with folk music has something to do with her Transylvanian roots: in the course of tours collecting folk music she came across the last remnants of peasant culture while ethnographical studies illuminated the broader correlations. Tázló is her permanent formation but she also regularly interacts with the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble and Duna Art Ensemble. Her concert holds much promise since it includes the music traditions of regions that were less featured in the Dance House Movement until now: for instance, dance melodies from Upper Nyárád and recorder music from Görgény Valley.

Organizer: Liszt Academy Concert Centre

Tickets: HUF 1 600