2017.09.11 14.00

Solti Hall

Bartók World Competition and Festival – Preliminary 3.

The preliminary round is perhaps the most exciting part of competitions because this is when audiences get the chance to meet artists who are, on the whole, totally unknown in international music circles and yet are of world class, while there is also the opportunity to compare different styles of performance and interpretation of the same works. During the preliminary round of the Bartók World Competition and Festival, more than 50 violinists take to the stage of the Sir Georg Solti Chamber Hall in order to prove themselves through works by Bartók and J. S. Bach. They have to compile a programme of maximum 18 minutes from at least one movement of the two rhapsodies for violin and piano by the Hungarian composer, and one movement from the Bach opus Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin. Rhapsody No. 1 dedicated to Joseph Szigeti and Rhapsody No. 2 dedicated to the other significant Hungarian violinist of the period, Zoltán Székely, work up Maros-Torda county, Szatmár, Temes and Ruthenian dance music melodies in two movements. One can state unequivocally that the six Bach pieces for violin are the alpha and omega of violinists; they put instrumentalists to the test not only technically but mentally, too.


Candidates shall perform two pieces:

  •    at least one movement from:
    •    Bartók: Rhapsody No. 1, BB 94 or
    •    Bartók: Rhapsody No. 2, BB 96c
  •    at least one movement from J. S. Bach: Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin, BWV 1001-1006

Planned schedule of the round:


14.00 22. Kowalczyk Marta
14:15 23. Langer Ágnes
14:30 24. Lee Shannon
14:45 25. Lee Younghyun
15:00 27. Lomeiko Alexandra
15:15 28. Martin Irène
15:30-16:00   INTERMISSION
16:00 29. Moncado Elias David
16:15 30. Murakami Shoko
16:30 31. Nakajima Yayoi
16:45 32. Nyári László
17:00 33. Okaya Megumi


Organizer: Liszt Academy Concert Centre

Tickets: Entry is free.