2017.02.19 19.00

Solti Hall



Studio 5 Composer’s Night

Máté Bella:
András Gábor Virágh:
Tres Orationes
Árpád Solti:
Szabolcs Mátyássy:
Bipolar Etudes
Bence Kutrik:
Solo: Eszter Zemlényi (soprano); Beáta Móri (cimbalom); Mihály Duffek (bassoon) Máté Bán, Rebeka Drahos, Annamária Bán (flute); Péter Szűcs, Gábor Galavics, Attila Németh (clarinet); Alber Nagy, Bálint Fábry (bassoon) Gábor Palotás, Gyula Lajhó, Dániel Janca, Bence Csepeli, Zoltán Mihály Varga (percussion); Míra Nagy (piano) Accord Quartet: Mező Péter, Veér Csongor (violin); Kondor Péter (viola); Ölveti Mátyás (cello) Krulik Quartet: Eszter Krulik, Angéla Bálint (violin); Andor Jobbágy (viola); Judit Nagy (cello) Pannónia Quartet: Máté Vizeli, Réka Baksai (violin); Tamás Bartók (viola); Tünde Kirkósa (cello) Csaba Fervágner, Gábor Fánczi, Bence Botár (contrabass) Conductor: Péter Dobszay

Generations Y and Z of today’s Hungarian composers are heirs to the music tradition, hallmarked by György Ligeti and György Kurtág, which after Béla Bartók, Zoltán Kodály and Ernő Dohnányi raised Hungarian contemporary music into an international arena. Five young artists of the music composer grouping called Studio 5 have a mission: starting out from this tradition, they bring about new music concerts. Even though these five creative minds almost without exception studied music abroad as well as in Hungary (in Canada, Poland, Belgium, Austria and Sweden), all look on the Liszt Academy as their alma mater. The five compositions in this Studio 5 concert represent five different galaxies in a single universe. The cosmic metaphor is all the more apposite given that Máté Bella was inspired by the structure of the galaxies when writing his piece. In his work, András Gábor Virágh configures an early Christian prayer, while Árpád Solti inserts children’s songs and rhymes into a totally new musical medium. The Szabolcs Mátyássy composition exemplifies the bipolarity of music through a pair of movements whereas Bence Kutrik’s cimbalom concerto arrives at its ‘trembling’ conclusion via the Fibonacci sequence.

Organizer: Liszt Academy Concert Centre

Sponsor: National Cultural Fund of Hungary

Tickets: HUF 1 200