2017.09.01 19.00

Solti Hall

Musical Dialogue between Korea and Hungary

Korean-Hungarian Classical Music Festival

Musical Dialogue between Korea and Hungary

Sonata for Flute and Piano in C-sharp minor, Op. 21
Carnival, Op. 5
László Tihanyi:
Song of far mountains (Premiere)
Jiesun Lim:
A Stranger in Budapest (Premiere)
Weiner Ensemble: Máté Bán (flute), Csaba Pálfi (clarinet), Réka Baksai (violin), Morgane de Lafforest (cello), Chung Hosung (cello), Imre Dani (piano)

Two composers―Jiesun Lim from South Korea and László Tihanyi from Hungary― are teamed up to explore possibilities of different ways of seeing the folklores beyond the national, regional boundaries. Jiesun Lim will compose a new musical piece using one of the well-known Hungarian folklores (Tavaszi szél vizet áraszt), while László Tihanyi using musical systems of a Korean song and a Chinese hymn from the 18th century. With the attempts to deconstruct national sentiments and musical structures that are supposedly embedded in the folklores of each country and to reconstruct them with post-modern musical languages, folklores will achieve new qualities and contexts that exist far beyond certain cultural boundaries. Weiner Ensemble, a Hungarian chamber ensemble which is passionate about new chamber music repertoires, will play the major roles for the premieres of these new compositions.

Organizer: Hwaum Project, Korean Cultural Centre

Tickets: Entry is free. Registration: http://www.koreaikultura.hu/events/zenei-parbeszed-korea-es-magyarorszag-kozott/