2016.01.09 19.00

Solti Hall

Transparent Sound New Music Festival

Transparent Sound New Music Festival

Blacksnow Flux

Bryan Jacobs:
Dis Un Il Im Ir – magyarországi bemutató
Wojtek Blecharz:
Blacksnowfalls – ősbemutató
Martin Schüttler:
Schöner Leben 3 (girl you know it´s true) – magyarországi bemutató
Stefan Prins:
Piano Hero #1 – magyarországi bemutató
Brigitte Munterdorf:
Public Privacy Flute Cover – magyarországi bemutató
Alessandro Baticci:
Mister DMA – magyarországi bemutató
Bolcsó Bálint:
Graceful Degradation – ősbemutató
Alexander Schubert:
HELLO – magyarországi bemutató
Black Page Orchestra

Black Page Orchestra is one of the younger formations on the Austrian contemporary music scene. Its name pays homage to Frank Zappa composition’s The Black Page, a score that is almost black, given the high density of notes and musical events. The orchestra often performs dauntingly complex works enhanced by imagery, placing the theatrical-visual and sonic aspects of their concerts on an equal footing. They maintain close contact with artists, and they frequently combine exhibitions and performances of other artists in their concerts and festivals. Their Liszt Academy concert mainly includes works performed in Wien Modern (November 2015), a music festival that focuses on the new generation of composers. Both visual and audio form parts of the compositions, and they make use of video and hi-tech techniques. Their show also looks back to movements in the 20th century that adumbrate the ensemble’s aesthetic: besides contemporary works, they have handpicked staged musical performances for the Budapest audience from the Dada and Fluxus movements. In addition, the concert features the premiere of a work by Bálint Bolcsó, which makes use of animated notation and live computerized improvisation. It was written at the request of the festival organizers especially for the Black Page Orchestra.

Organizer: Zeneakadémia Koncertközpont, Trafó, Fuga, Budapest Music Center, Gryllus Kft, MuPATh

Tickets: HUF 1 200