The portuguese and the Brazilian

09. October 2017

After several decades of individual global conquest, life finally brought Maria João and Egberto Gismonti together on the summer of 2016. They gave their debut joint concert in Italy, and this...

György Orbán 70

05. October 2017

Cluj-Napoca, autumn 1989. A 14-yearold scruffy urchin is sitting with his teacher in a music theory class. “Please Miss, I’d like to be a composer! Whatever it takes. I’m moving to Budapest with my...


25. September 2017

We spoke with Salamon Kamp, conductor and member of the Doctoral Council of the university, as well as guitarist József Eötvös, head of the Strings Department, about PhD courses at the Liszt...

From genre to genre, from age to age

25. September 2017

Violinist, countertenor, conductor. Dmitry Sinkovsky is one of the most exciting musicians of our day. Although most at home in the Baroque, he actually plays the entire Classical-Romantic...

‘Resident’ at the Liszt Academy

20. September 2017

An increasing number of concert halls and cultural institutions have their own resident ensembles. ‘Residence’ can be permanent or temporary: whereas the former category generally includes ...

Bartók’s violin compositions from various perspectives

16. September 2017

Synopsis of the two-day Symposium ’Bartók and the Violin’ held within the framework of the Bartók World Competition & Festival at the Institute for Musicology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Twin stars

02. September 2017

Article of the Concert Magazine 2017/2 of the Liszt Academy.

Zoltán Fejérvári, teacher of the Chamber Music Department has won first prize at the 2017 Montreal International Musical Competition

12. May 2017

The international jury announced the $80,000 first prize to the pionist, Zoltán Fejérvári on 10th May, at the 2017 Montreal International Musical Competition.

I think I know very little

11. May 2017

The Polish-Hungarian Piotr Anderszewski, a favourite of the Budapest audience, is not only brilliant as a pianist but also has an exciting personality as an artist.

Bartók as jazz inspiration

06. February 2017

Bartók works have inspired plenty of jazz musicians over the past 70 years. Jazz pianist Dániel Szabó, lecturer at the school of music of the University of California, Los Angeles, contributed an...

Dohnányi and Bartók

01. February 2017

There was a time when it appeared that the music of Ernő Dohnányi would be forever banished from the living music memory and the concert hall. Happily, this did not come to pass, thanks in part to...

Bartók beyond Hungary

19. January 2017

This essay had been written by President of Bard College Conservatory, well-known musicologist and conductor, Leon Botstein on Bartók's influence on 20th century music.

“Fresh and free from mannerisms”

16. January 2017

For many years now, Opera Exam Festival recitals have ranked among the most exciting of the Liszt Academy’s programmes in January. We spoke with András Almási-Tóth, head of the Liszt Academy Opera...

„One cannot play the violin in fear”

13. January 2017

She is one of the most multifaceted violinists of our day: she plays Baroque on a period instrument, the great Romantic and 20th century repertoire on a modern violin, yet she is also open to folk...

Liszt Academy announces the Bartók World Competition & Festival

07. December 2016

The Liszt Academy has launched the Bartók World Competition and Festival as the closing chord of the 2016 Bartók Year. The competition debuts with the violin category in September 2017. Violinists...

A country saying goodbye to Zoltán Kocsis at the Liszt Academy

25. November 2016

The condolers could pay their last respects to the great musician, Zoltán Kocsis until noon on Saturday, 19 November by placing a white flower around his catafalque set up in the entrance hall of...

Zoltán Kocsis (1952–2016)

10. November 2016

On behalf of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Dr. Andrea Vigh, the president of the Liszt Academy bade farewell to Zoltán Kocsis, who, as an artist, was born at the Liszt Academy and remained the...

The joy of freedom

20. October 2016

“Strings in the earth and air / Make music sweet; / Strings by the river where / The willows meet.” One could imagine a Monteverdi madrigal melody accompanying this verse from the Chamber Music...

The Countertenor

13. October 2016

These days we are lucky to have an abundance of incredible countertenors, but Michael Chance is totally unique in the English Baroque vocal repertoire. On 21 October he will sing in Liszt Academy’s...

Revolutionist In a Baseballcap

11. October 2016

The greatness of Steve Reich is a given. In the 1960s and ‘70s, he found a rigorous solution to a pressing challenge: how to restore, after a long period of experimentation, the primal pleasures of...